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JRPGfan said:

reguarding nr 3)
Its not a matter of devs being lazy.
You can rule that out.

If it happends once? maybe, but not when its a patern thats developed (6 games outta 7, favor PS5 (so far outta the compairsons we ve seen)).
1 dev can be lazy about porting to a system, but they cant all be.

Also 2 of these, where by studios with Xbox Marketing.
They wouldnt do a sloppy/lazy job, when their getting paid marketing rights to show off their new game (in its best possible light).
It doesnt make any sense to think so.

Ehmm, excuse me, but what is the link here? Marketing rights have nothing to do with the quality of the game. Because when a platform holder pays the publisher to have the game marketed for their platform, there is no such thing in the signed contract as "The game should look better on our console than on our rival's console". They just pay a sum to publisher to put their platform's name on every marketing material and that's about it. Not to mention that usually it's the publisher who gets this money and not the developer.