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JRPGfan said:

Go re-watch the video from 19mins to 20mins again.
DF say that it running lesser quality in 120fps mode, "pays off".

That means not a bug (but a choice, to mantain 120fps more consistantly), john says that in the video dude.

They say 2 differnt things, about the same issue (at differnt times in the video).

"If you think DF is so biased, why are you bothering to spend all this time watching these videos? What a bizarre mindset to have."

Because they show proof.
They cannot twist truth.

When you see the frame time graphs, and the picture compairisons they speak for themselves.

Does it matter that DF are "gentle" whenever they handle a xbox issue, and harsher when its a playstation one?
Well.. yes.. its abit off putting (their not supposed to be biased), but in this case in point, its running better on the PS5 anyways (so not a issue).

Also I forgot that "slighly less" image quality, was used in compairson with the 120fps mode.

Less Car LoD, enviroment details, lesser road tessellation, less grass/foliage, geometric cutbacks, and less texture filtering...  
= Slightly less image quality.

Digital foundry said it was likely a bug.

I would assume the Playstation 5 was supposed to take a visual hit in that mode and didn't... And will likely be rectified at a later date.
The Playstation 5 also has another bug which impacts the dynamic range... Hopefully that gets fixed as well.

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