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LudicrousSpeed said:
JRPGfan said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

I saw this earlier on another forum and saw who made this thread here and was wondering how much of the discussion regarding the 120hz mode they would include in their OP. Not surprised to see it is literally zero, and in fact downplays it later in the thread while claiming DF is biased LOL.

So it seems it’s basically a wash except the XSX having what DF assumes is a bug in one mode where it runs on basically XSS settings visually. Code masters is looking into it.... instead of speculating nonsense about how DF is biased or something, wouldn’t logic just dictate that if the game were running as intended, Codemasters would have immediately told DF? This happened on more than one occasion with the Scorpio as well, games launched on it but got base Xbone settings due to a bug. That seems to be what happened here.

did you not see this part in OP?:

"Performance mode/Frame Rate mode (1080p 120hz)
PS5 has drastically more details (than either xbox versions).
XSX has less Car LOD, enviroment details, less road tessellation, less grass/foliage, theres geometric cutbacks, and again the texture filtering issue.

All 3 run basically flawless 120fps.
However there is a track, that has dips down to mid 90-100's on the PS5 for abit (where it doesnt on the XSX, its closer to 120fps)
(this happends only on this track, near the start of the track)"

Yes theres a track where at parts, the PS5 drops down into the mid 90's fps, for abit.

How is that "littarally zero" mentions of it?

"later in the thread while claiming DF is biased LOL."

3 mins of that video is basically DF makeing excuses for the Xbox Series X, and saying "slightly less" "minor" and such words, trying to cuddle their way through it.

"Slightly less" my arse.

"So it seems it’s basically a wash except the XSX having what DF assumes is a bug in one mode where it runs on basically XSS settings visually. "

They say two differnt things.

When its about the image quality, they say it has to be a bug.
When they talk about 120fps mode, and xbox series X holding better fps (doesnt drop on that track in that part), they say it "pays off, to run lower quality". Thats basically hinting at it not being a bug, but a CHOICE, to hit 120fps more consistantly.

Also why are DF guessing?
They called them up, before they released the video. To confirm findings ect.
Why didnt they ask them straight up, is this thing we notice a bug?

DF are handleing xbox running worse and looking worse, with kiddy gloves.

Literally zero mention of DF saying they believe it’s just a bug was obviously my point. You went out of your way to point out that the PS5 issues were limited to whatever situation but brushed over the fact that they say the XSX visual issue is, in their opinion, a bug. Also no, when they say the XSX version hits 120fps more consistently because of the payoff of lower visual settings, they aren’t saying or implying it was a developer choice. They don’t say anything even remotely close to that, that’s just you fishing for console warz. It can still be a bug. 

If you think DF is so biased, why are you bothering to spend all this time watching these videos? What a bizarre mindset to have. To each their own I guess.

I could swear I see "bug" being mentioned more than once by him, while you not being clear that from all on DF video the whole omission your were talking about is a bug.

How strange that DMC5, AC Valhalla and Dirty 5 have such big bugs on Xbox X version but seemly none on Series S or PS5.

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