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Otter said:
JRPGfan said:
jenpol said:

Wow, at 10 to 12 min the xbox sX version is missing a lot of foliage and the cars assets are low poly. Why?

They do that to reach 120fps on the XSX.
They couldnt do it, with the same image quality as the PS5, so they lowered settings, to get FPS up.

Thats why cars look like this in that mode:

Did you read that somewhere? DF also outright said they think its either a bug or a mistake, its not realistic to assume that this is representative of the power difference between the X and PS5. It seems like Series X is running the profile of a another Xbox System in terms of details, potentially the S but maybe even One X. All just speculation but nothing we've seen on paper would warrant this degree of difference between the platforms

DF downplayed everything (they have a slight xbox bias, but have enough integratity to atleast not misslead).
Also supposedly they called to confirm findings, before releaseing the video (they mention this in the video).
If they where unsure, they should have asked them.

Why is DF "speculateing" about it being a bug or mistake of somesort? When they apparently talked to the devs, who confirmed what they found is how the game is runnings.

We dont know why the game runs like this on the xbox version, and DF apparently didnt bother asking (great journalism).
We cant rule out, that the devs made trade offs, to get it running better on the XSX (at the cost of image quality).

Why would they do that? is it prepresentative of the power differnce?
No, but again, maybe this is because of the tools. Maybe with their toolkit issues, they had to go this route to get it running smoothly at 120fps.

Also DF didnt mention anything about the Dual Sense.
The haptic feedback ect, is supposed to be decent for this game (apparently devs took time to redo it).

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 21 November 2020