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Bristow9091 said:
So from what I've just watched, PS5 seems to beat out the XSX in EVERY category except in the 120FPS mode, it has a weird portion of dips down to the 80's but only for that first part of the first track you play, the next one was a solid 120FPS while maintaining higher graphical fidelity.

Hopefully the XSX will get some sort of patch here or something, because it's really not looking too good for Microsoft when they spent so long advertising the XSX as the most powerful console, yet every head to head Digital Foundry have done has shown the PS5 comes out on top... gotta' say it's quite baffling, but it's still early days in the gen, just look how it went for PS3/360, lol.

On another note, the game really does look good and fun, and it was almost like watching a Driveclub video... then I remembered that the majority of the staff from Evolution moved to Codemasters anyway, so that's probably why. I've only ever played one Dirt game before, got it free with a graphics card some time ago, but I'm actually considering buying this once I finally get a PS5.

I wouldnt even give it to the XSX on the 120hz mode.
The sacrifices it has to image quality, even if theres a track where it runs better on, for a little while.... its not worth the trade off.

Basically all 3 modes run better on PS5 imo, going from this video.

Last edited by Bristow9091 - on 21 November 2020