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JRPGfan said:
Captain_Yuri said:

Pretty crazy how well PS5 is doing against the Series X so far. Idk what's up with the Series X that's causing it to under perform but MS really needed to hit a home run on the power aspect as that has been their main motto. Especially with Halo being delayed. We will see how it does in the future but the PS5 is doing much better than I expected!

People are saying its "the tools" fault.
So just give MS a year or so to fix the tools, and then future games releases (2022+) will probably look better.

*IF* this is even the case (we dont know if its actually the toolkits fault), the fact that it might go on like this for a few years... its a bad look.
Esp when your marketed your machine as "the most powerfull console ever" ect.

Bandorr said:
Every review feels the same. "PS5 did it better. Xbox has VRR".Didn't they mention it may have a bug or something in there? I think the observer also had issues? Kinda feels like the Xbox versions of these games just weren't ready yet.

DF said the PS5 version has a slight bug with SDR.
It causes it to be abit darker than it should be (not much), but it potentially cruches a few details in super dark area's.
Oddly enough, DF said they still prefer this "bug"'s look, ei. the higher contract and darker darks.

Pretty much. If I had to guess as it's not just the Series X being on par with ps5 but rather behind, the extra CUs are probably not being used, least not to their full potential. And if that's the case, the much lower clock speed would explain why the Series X seems to be behind more often than not. MS really needs to start getting this under control since it's making their power marketing look like a joke.

One things clear though and that's the fact that Cerny and PS team was ready and MS was not.


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