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Hey guys.

I didn't think I'd actually manage to snag one of these at retail price but I got really lucky on Wednesday and checked PS direct right as the queue went live (granted, I had been refreshing it all week long, but I was lucky enough to check within just a few moments of going live).My queue time initially said <1 minute, then changed to 3 mins, then eventually to >1 hour.

About 20 minutes later, my queue meter had barely budged, still more than an hour to wait, but then it randomly filled up and said it was my turn. I booked it through the checkout process and managed to get my new PS5.

Never posted a pic on here, but here is my kiddos next to the PS5 box. I'm currently doing a save data transfer from my PS4 for the next hour or two, and then plan to download Demon's Souls. Been so happy today!!!

Edit: Fixing carriage returns.