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I'd say Series X overall matched my expectations so far. It looks much better than I expected as it's not huge at all. It's actually the best-looking console I've seen. And it's incredible how quiet it is. New controller is not a major improvement, but it's better than X1 controller. It doesn't seem to have much input lag and playing Gears 5 multiplayer on 120fps is just so fucking sweet with it. Unfortunately I don't have a tv that supports 120fps or VRR, but I played it at my brother's. 

Loading times make a massive difference, especially on Sea of Thieves and Borderlands 3. Booting up those games on my X1X feels like an eternity now. Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2 and Forza Horizon 4 look and play so smoothly on SeX.

Only launch games I've played so far are Gears Tactics and The Falconeer. And Tetris of course. Not having Halo or Cyberpunk yet is a disappointment.

Now I want a new television damnit.. but the console is amazing!