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Cyran said:
vivster said:
 Bofferbrauer2 said:

It's German, but that shouldn't be too much a problem for you, right?

Learning so much about the architectures of Ampere and RDNA2 makes me really excited about next gen because both of them still have a huge potential to improve while staying on the same node.

It be interesting what Nvidia plans are.  They been on a every other year for new series since the launch of the 900 series.  At least according to the AMD road map they planning on release RDNA 3 base cards in 2021 most likely near the end.

Will Nvidia respond with a new generation of cards or wait till 2022.

Many might disagree but nothing would make me happier then getting back to a new gen every year.  It just means when I do finally upgrade it be a even bigger jump.  I never been the guy who cared about a new card coming out 6 or more months after I bought something that way more powerful then what I own.  Faster the progress the better even if I be further behind the newest tech for a longer period of time.

Tighter cycles won't really result in more performance over time. One of the biggest reasons why the cycles have drifted apart is the new nodes. Everyone is struggling to get good yields on ever smaller nodes. I mean look at Intel. The only reason why AMD is in front currently is they are using smaller nodes, otherwise even they wouldn't be able to improve that much. It's especially difficult for GPUs since they have to be high powered and huge. There is only so much you can do with architecture, since so much is parallelized more power will only come from more cores. More cores means bigger chips and as such terrible yields. ARM doesn't have that issue(yet) since their chips are tiny. When it comes to performance increase GPUs are pretty much fucked compared to any other semiconductor. They pretty much need to get wider and now with RT they need to sacrifice even more room. I doubt that 5nm is in any way ready to deliver huge GPU chips so we'll have to wait a bit for the next big jump.

I don't mind shorter cycles. They're terrible for the environment but always better for the consumer. I don't expect Nvidia to come out with a new architecture in 2021, but I do expect refreshes to compete with whatever AMD delivers. Amd are the ones who need to rpove themselves since RDNA2 is definitely not it yet.

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