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vivster said:
 Bofferbrauer2 said:

It's German, but that shouldn't be too much a problem for you, right?

Learning so much about the architectures of Ampere and RDNA2 makes me really excited about next gen because both of them still have a huge potential to improve while staying on the same node.

It be interesting what Nvidia plans are.  They been on a every other year for new series since the launch of the 900 series.  At least according to the AMD road map they planning on release RDNA 3 base cards in 2021 most likely near the end.

Will Nvidia respond with a new generation of cards or wait till 2022.

Many might disagree but nothing would make me happier then getting back to a new gen every year.  It just means when I do finally upgrade it be a even bigger jump.  I never been the guy who cared about a new card coming out 6 or more months after I bought something that way more powerful then what I own.  Faster the progress the better even if I be further behind the newest tech for a longer period of time.