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Oh ok, so because I made some maps for Unreal Tournament or TimeSplitters, I know how long it takes to make fully fledged MP maps for real games and how much they cost to make, lol. Makes sense. I’ve also used the create a track feature in various racers, I am now an expert in racing game development.

No one in gaming is charging $10 for an apple because no one wants a $10 apple, unless maybe it’s an Apple apple :)Again, we have plenty of cases of devs/pubs over charging for cosmetics and it ruining their game. There’s no need for any of us to get worked up over it. Life finds a way. And MS games all get plenty of free updates, too. In fact in today’s market, is there literally a single game that doesn’t get free updates? Free substantial updates are not nearly as common as paid premium updates though. Here’s where you list a bunch of games that got free updates that you consider substantial and here’s where I reply with an even longer list of premium updates. I’m not going to bother continuing, good luck on your crusade against logical business.