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LudicrousSpeed said:

You dont know that map packs cost “next to nothing” to make, youre just throwing out assumptions based on your own ideas of cost. No, just because some games have some specific content structure doesn’t mean all games should, that’s silly. Like I said, it’s no different than expecting all games to cost $90-100 just because games used to cost that much. There have always been games that offered free post launch content and there always will be. Nintendo do for example can be more open to free updates because their games sell at full MSRP for years. MicroSony and third party publishers don’t have this luxury.At the end of the day you’re essentially bitching because businesses operate like businesses.

Yes, we all know it doesn’t cost them a fortune to make a skin and we all know they make money off of them. That’s what businesses do. But again it comes back to whether the monetization is done in a balanced manner or not. If it is, then there’s no issue. If it isn’t, gamers can take care of themselves as we have done throughout this gen.

Actually, I do. Map packs are just levels made in a level editor. 90% of the assets for a new map pack have been already made for the single player mode. It's just a matter of dragging and dropping different assets into place. Anybody that has made their own custom dungeon in Skyrim knows this. Anybody that has worked with a level editor of any sort knows this.

Yes, businesses exist to make money. I get that. But they don't exist to charge $10 for a single apple, or $10 for a digital skin. Sorry, but 4,000% profit margins is not "just what businesses do".

MicroSony and 3rd party publishers don't have the luxury of free updates? Last I checked MH World and lots of Sony games do free updates. What are you talking about? And again, updates don't cost a lot of money to do.