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Multiplats? Yes.Exclusives? I doubt a game was as fast as ACNH.To really reach 20-30 million, you need a little bit of everything.

1) Hype

2) Timing

3) Great WoM

4) Continuous presence over many months

5) A large user base

I’m sure other people will mention other factors, but these are the more notable ones I’m pointing out.For ACNH to achieve this as an exclusive is nothing short of amazing. Sure, we can use COVID as a big reason, but other games such as FFVIIR, TLoU Part 2, GoT, DOOM Eternal all had the same benefit with video games being a useful hobby to pass the time while staying at home. Why didn’t they see even half of ACNH current sales (unless there are new sales updates for these respective games)?

Whether you like it or not, ACNH just that “it” factor that pulled people in that no other game has done this year. Even they’re reaching out to audiences/demographics who rarely game (if at all). At my workplace, some of my coworkers mentioned what they were doing in AC and they are casual gamers and non-gamers. It’s pretty cool to see.