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N64 had limited space on carts plus NOA policies were shit. SEGA Saturn was expensive and had a very difficult hardware to develop on. Sony's machine was easy to program for. Cheaper than Saturn. Killed SEGA at E3 with the infamous $299 after SEGA announced Saturn was $400 and launching the day they announced it pissing off retailers. 3rd parties (esp key ones like Square from Nintendo) flocked to PS1 for these reasons and more. Sony took advantage with better marketing and the fuck ups of Nintendo and SEGA.

Sony wasn't new to gaming either. They worked with Nintendo on the SNES Soundchip and the canceled CD addon. They worked with SEGA on SEGA CD games and for a brief moment were going to work together on the Saturn.

Last edited by Leynos - on 18 November 2020

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