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Supermario28 said:

Some more hints

45. Some say it's a Zelda for 18+ ||| Darksiders ||| guessed by Mnementh

44. a) The main character has to take back his own castle from an evil relative.

      b) This game is part of a very very popular franchise

43. a) In this game, Audie seems to be a tribute to a real person

     b) Audie is a wolf

42. This game is the first in the serie's timeline ||| The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword ||| guessed by The_Liquid_Laser

41. a) Living together in peace, the inhabitants of an island are always full of joy thanks to a tree. But everything is taken away

     b) The tree is stolen, and one inhabitant, of desired color, has to go through a 6 pages Storybook to get it back.

44. Final Fantasy 4?

Ka-pi96 said:

Some more hints.

#50 An incredibly popular racing game that for the first time featured anti-gravity sections. Mario Kart 8 (guessed by Mnementh)

#49 Horse armour!
How has nobody got this yet? It's like the most infamous DLC of all time!

#48 Technically the 3rd game in the series, but also not a sequel. This time on a moon!
It added lasers to the huge arsenal of weapons that you could loot and shoot.

#47 This one is a sequel. It featured many different blade colours. It had the standard blue, red and green which were popularised by the movies. But also interesting ones such as orange and silver.
Had a morality system. One that actually ended up being a proper light vs dark one too.

#46 This entry in a long running franchise finally added a 4th playable kingdom. There are no longer just 3 kingdoms.
"Do not pursue Lu Bu!"

#45 Sony ruined this once awesome game.
The 1st of 2 MMOs based on this popular franchise.

#44 IMO one of the best FPS games on the PS3, and WAY better than its predecessor.
You went from the defender in the first game to the invader in this one.

#43 There were other great parts to this game, but to me the very best was all of the minigames. I just loved things like licking up sushi, splashing up and down, tossing snakes and so on.
Or hypnotising each other, hardening when rocks are fired at you, following a pink fairy's dance instructions etc.

49. Skyrim?

48. Return of the Jedi?

45. Everquest?

Mnementh said:

More hints:

#45: Battle for Wesnoth as guessed by Ka-pi96

#44: Pinball Dreams as guessed by Pajderman
If you sleep you have sometimes visions, this time of round objects among things they bounce off.
The four "levels" are a train, music producer, a graveyard and space travel.
The very first game of this swedish developer that exists now for nearly 30 years.
Said swedish dev made two follow-up games named ___ Fantasies and ___ Illusions, with ___ being the first part of the title of this game.

#43: Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana as guessed by OTBWY

#42: Spiritfarer as guessed by Supermario28

The real 3D game: six degrees of freedom.
Asteroid mining is the future - until you need to blow up the asteroids because your mining robots are rebelling.

#40: Resident Evil as guessed by UnderwaterFunktown

41. Descent

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