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MasonADC said:
JRPGfan said:
MasonADC said:
Everytime we get a Sony first party update we don’t have to mention Nintendo

Where there is truth to that, the OP did put nintendo in very good light.
"near nintendo levels" of selling well.

Every nintendo fan should feel proud to read such.
The fact that one got triggered enough to start debateing price of game sales, in this thread is the odd part.

It’s odd that the same conversation gets brought up everytime time and I can’t say once have I seen it bring anything meaningful from it 

ofc it wont, both sides have their favorite peice of plastic box.

Nintendo fans think expensive sold games, is good, because it means you potentially have resell value in it, if 10-15 years down the line you sell your collection.

Sony/Xbox fans, perphaps arnt as worried about selling things, and enjoy that often theres good deals on games, so they can pick up high quality for cheap price.

Both sides debateing their points, and reaching nowhere (convinceing the other) isnt surpriseing.

I view it abit like Apple Iphones vs Android users.
The iphone guy will brag he spent 1,000$ on his phone.
The android guy will brag he spent half that, and it runs as well as the iphone.

Their both bragging about their phone, and how much they cost, but apparently for differnt reasons.