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HoangNhatAnh said:
Otter said:

So Sony are not making any fanfare regarding the 20m milestone, so probably more 1st party games will quitely pass the threshold if they haven't already

They will potentially have 4-6, 20m+ selling exclusives by the time PS4 is discontinued. They're selling 1st party titles at near Nintendo levels

So 20m units solds are at full $60?

Selling at nintendo levels, only talks about how many copies of games are sold, he never mentions price.

You do, to imply that its better to sell games at high prices.
(which it is, for the company bottom line.... as a consumer, it isn't, good games at cheap prices = awesome)

(basically its a console wars reply, because you dont want others to sell "near nintendo levels" of 1st party games? This is like Apple people bragging about spending 1,000$ on phones, when other phone makers, sometimes sell better hardware for a 3rd of the price)