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For people who want to game on the cheap, there are always the Sales. Especially on Sonys side everything goes in there rapidly enough, that you can get absolutely everything you want for half, a third or a quarter of the price, and it won't be any different this gen. The price increase will just hit the day one and pre order buyers. I was one of the day one buyers and pre ordered absolutely everything till about half way through last gen, then i realised i was still playing games when new stuff came out.

I started buying 90% of my games in the Sony sales, because they were never ending. With just a few, mainly Sony exclusives on day one a year.I expect to play every single Sony exclusive and not pay £70 for any of them, so it's not a huge problem to me. I do expect to see this gen mirror my views and instead of everything being front loaded, there will be longer legs on everything. I also expect them to trim that price slightly, and then people will perceive higher value at £60, because it used to be £70. If it came down to having to pay that price I would do it, but not if it was that price then none stop mtx. That would put me off for sure, but it seems it won't be the case for Sonys exclusives.