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Mr Puggsly said:

Given Halo Infinite is cross gen, I don't anticipate it will be much different between Series S and X.

Much like Gears 5, the Series consoles may just get added effects and better assets. Maybe some sort of ray tracing will be implemented given that was entertained. CoD:Cold War for example has some light use of RT that seemingly has little GPU impact.

They might put in some more effort to make it more 'next gen worthy' after all the criticism., but true it's still a cross-gen title. Cyberpunk should show how it scales between all the consoles, also cross-gen but further towards next gen since they're struggling to get it running on base ps4 / X One. Of course that whole project is rushed or rather over strained, so could be rough at launch (if it even makes it this year)

FFWD to next holiday season! Post Covid hopefully.

I would be tempted by a Series S if it had a disc drive. It should have had for $300, or as you said $249 disc less. I'm not into subscriptions, second hand XOne games should be very affordable soon and I still have some physical 360 games. I'm now convinced the X is simply overkill for my vision, 12 ft from 65" I barely notice a benefit from 1440p compared to 1080p. It would be different if it had VR, get on it Valve, put HL: Alyx on Series X.

Oh well, no new console for me anytime soon. I didn't pre-order anything, stuff won't be in stores and a new lock down is imminent.

The prices here (New Xbox / PS5 consoles won't be available at our store locations this holiday season)
PS5 CAD 630 ($481)
XBox Series X CAD 600 ($458)
PS5 digital 500 ($382)
XBox Series S CAD 380 ($290)

Aggressive pricing here from Microsoft, yet with tax on top, ouch.
Sony also taking a loss but less.

Btw 1 Tb expansion card CAD 300, Dualsense CAD 90, XBox wireless CAD 75

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 16 November 2020