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Bristow9091 said:
brendude13 said:
John Linneman is an absolute treasure. Shame to see he's being getting so much shit from fanboys recently.

He has? What're they saying? o.O I've just finished watching the hour long interview with Bluepoint on Demon's Souls, it was great!

Haven't watched the DS interview yet but it's bookmarked.

Regarding Linneman, as a public figure commenting on "brands in war" (whether it's PS vs Xbox vs Nintendo, Steam vs Epic, Apple vs Samsung, Apple vs Microsoft, Audi vs BMW, etc.), he's going to get tons of shit from fanboys of all sides. The problem is that he far too often engages with the most toxic ones to call them out and correct them instead of just ignore them. And all this negativity seems to take a toll on his already troubled mental health.