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Okay so I'll be doing blocks of five, because last year I was struggling to keep up. Maybe if we're at the top 10 I'll do it daily, or whenever, we'll see. The first batch isn't very interesting anyway. These are games that don't necessarily belong on this list, but they were extremely important to my development in the world of gaming. Needless to say, I wouldn't have been here without any of these five. There's two more, but they actually do belong on this list and they come later.

#50: Due to the graphics being up to anyone's imagination with these old games, the European box art made it as if we'd be in the Wild West, while the American thought it was the start of the next century. If you're Veknoid, you've guessed this plenty of years already.

#49: Something happens during half time in this old sports game that doesn't happen in real life on the continent where this sport is most popular. I guess Nintendo didn't know.

#48: This game is extremely obscure, but is, unknown to me at the time, a clone of an NES game where a sorcerer, the player, creates blocks to solve puzzles. I'll take the NES game as an answer.

#47: Features a character you just want to shoot.

#46: You are called a rookie because you're a new pilot, which strangely is also your name, even though you've already had an adventure.