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HollyGamer said:
JuliusHackebeil said:
HollyGamer said:

Muhammad is not the author of Qur'an , he cannot read nor write in living on the dessert far from Civilization far from science. The Qur'an is the miracle that keep proving and already tested by science, artistic literation and modern time even until now. That's why many people converting to Islam.

It's bad idea in your opinion, but Muslim believe that QUr'an and Islam is the guidance for life that teach how we live as society, teach us on doing business, on family and how to live as society in country 

It's objective by opinion not by general rule of thumb. 

Sahih Bukhari 6:60:311

After Muhammad received the verse 3:31, Aisha commented, "I feel that your Lord hastens in fulfilling your wishes and desires."

How does it feel not to understand what even a 9-year-old could understand?

And it someone wants to understand more of the historical context actually at the heart of the islamic belief and ideology, I'd suggest Tom Holland:

Much like early Judaism was made in the Bible into something far more expansive than it really was (most of Canaan being pagan until a few centuries before the Romans), Islam arose gradually from the historical context of 7th century Arabic context in face of the sophisticated Byzantine/Sassanid theologies as a sort of answer to them.