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Astral said:
DonFerrari said:
Astral said:
I'm also guessing: God of War Ragnarok, Anticipated March 2022.

I heard something like 2021 title. But wasn't on this video.

Yep confirmed on the teaser, probably second half (Holidays perhaps), or Sony moves it to Q1 on 2022 to have no competition.


In between And just saw the OP shortned video as an AD on YT right now.

That is strange. Every main game in the franchise released in March, no exception. I didn't expect Sony to change that tradition. But I guess God of War is bigger than ever now, releasing it during the second half 2021 would move a lot of consoles. With that said, I'm still expecting a delay to March 2022.

The teaser didn't say when in 2021, so it could be a surprise launch on Q2.

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