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Yes it is. In Muslim majority countries it is the death penalty for blasphemy.

Yes correct indeed some Muslim law country allowed death penalty for blasphemy. Because any country has rights to kill anyone within their rule, the same like western country has right to kill anyone who threaten their country safety , political stability or people that can cause problem in the society. Hell even any country has the right to invaded any country if the country are against their idea or ideology . I think it's normal 

Then this is where we fundamentally disagree. You think these laws are normal and don’t need reform. And it’s these norms that are carried over into the West where I’m sorry to say, are medieval by comparison. 

Do you realize that western society  still killing people as well, declaring  a war. killing innocent, push their ideology , push their agenda and threating the world . Please educate your self with reality first before claiming that Islam need  reform, in fact it's just a hypocrisy. 

Not for saying words. You can get boycotted, loose your job, or have charges pressed against you for libel or hate crime. But you don’t die from it. What you said is the “backed against the wall” response. Stay on topic, you think death due to “words” is justified in certain countries. I think it has no place in a modern, civilized society. 

(BTW you talking geo-political relations/actions between governments. I’m talking local civilian law. Don’t confuse the two, stay on topic in your reply) 

Last edited by sales2099 - on 08 November 2020

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