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DonFerrari said:
Xxain said:

So, I woke up this morning to a huge overdraft fee of over $500 bucks because Gamestop, with no warning, charged my card that did not have the proper funds. This is double surprising because I was part of 2nd wave of Gamestop PS5 pre orders and were not expecting to get our shit till the end of the month. I checked my pre order status and it is has been updated from pending to preparing to ship. Guess I'm getting mine this week?

Have money available even if you were a second waver

maybe sometimes preparing to ship doesn't really mean preparing to ship.

Then leave it "shipiment pending". What is the point of changing it to preparing to ship for that to actually just mean shipment is still pending. More importantly, why charge my card for a shipment that is still pending? they coulda done that a long time ago. The major point is not when the PS5 is coming but the charge with warning especially for those of us who got a pre order in the second wave.