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HollyGamer said:
sales2099 said:
HollyGamer said:
sales2099 said:

I’d counter that these laws from Judaism, Christianity and Islam were written when life was harsh and its laws reflected that. We have evolved as a species and as such the laws have largely changed since 1500+ years ago. I’m just gonna say if people of your faith believe saying words equals death, or chopping off heads is even considered as a punishment, then maybe you need some type of reform. 

Our faith and belief doesn’t change. How we conduct ourselves as people should however adapt with the times. 

Yes indeed Islam when it was reveal was in the harsh condition where people who lived where living in tribal age and far from civilization, and constant tribal war. But then again the prophet still continue receiving Qur'an revelations after The prophet won the battled and the prophet ended the war. The prophet still receiving the revelation and guided by God in peaceful era . Even when The prophet still in exodus in Madinah , The prophet living peaceful life with Non Muslim and doing business and transaction and deal with Jews, pagans and some Christian in Medina. 

So Qur'an has teach us in many condition etc.

Also Qur'an are not written by Muhammad , there is no Muhammad opinion or idea inside Qur'an. Even the prophet has very less name on it . inside the Qur'an is purely God revelation that God speak to the person who read from first person perspective. Muhammad is just messenger that cannot read, nor write. How come he able to write a fantastic book that lead a backward society and tribal people to be the most influential cavillation also lead the modern technology and civilization  until now. Nor human able to do that, because indeed the book are not written by person (Muhammad) 

The history lesson doesn’t address what I said. I said through the ages to modern times, our faith and devotion remains the same. However I think as a species we moved past the point of killing people for saying “words”. 

But that is not the fault of the religion. The criminals were acting not based on any religion.  For this matter he claim, he acted because of his love to the prophet. This is false accusation. The prophet never allowed Muslim killing non Muslim without urgency reason or even if the non Muslim is wrong they still cannot act by him self and need to consult to local authority and judge by the local court . 

Yes it is. In Muslim majority countries it is the death penalty for blasphemy.

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