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So I finished Zero and immediately started playing Kiwami. It is really cool because it feels like a completely seamless transition between the games. Engine is the same and so is the city. I feel like returning to my home I'm intimately familiar with. Honestly I have absolutely no idea why anyone would suggest playing Kiwami before Zero. Not only is Zero a prequel, but it also serves nicely as a tutorial for all the mechanics. It's clear that they intended for people to have played zero first. So far Kiwami feels like the better game, the engine is noticeably improved and I like the changes to the battling and level system.I appreciate the quirky story, but since Zero I noticed the predictable patterns. They just can't help to spoil every single plot twist and revelation a few minutes before it happens. They really do not know what "subtle" means. Usually you're supposed to get the flashbacks after a reveal and not minutes before. It's still a lot of fun, though. Even more so now that I know all the characters. Still need to get used to the bizarre character transition of Majima.

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