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SvennoJ said:
Azzanation said:
Pemalite said:

Microsoft and Sony are reserving more SSD space for OS functions thus they don't need to rely on Ram as heavily...

Thus the Xbox Series X will only use 2.5GB of Ram which is a reduction over the Xbox One.
The Xbox Series S will use only 2GB of Ram which is a reduction again, likely due to the 1080P User Interface rather than 2160P.

Well thats an improvement, however 2.5gigs is still a fair chunk of Ram.

Imagine we get the slim interface of 360 and ps3 back. They ran at 1080p, less than 64MB for the OS, 32MB even I think at the end of the gen. 2.5 GB, what a waste!

Those consoles didn't have a 1080P interface, they were upscaled 720P.
In the Xbox 360's case it's UI was 720P upscaled... But many UI elements were actually 480P like the quick guide menu.

But yeah, they had tiny footprints, by the end of the gen the Xbox 360 was sitting at 24MB and the PS3 at 47MB.

Much of that has to do with how the UI was designed, the Xbox 360's OS used a modular-container approach, so only elements like the video playback engine got loaded into RAM when a user loaded the application, so there was always a delay delving a level deeper into the UI.

The Xbox One by comparison tried to keep as much data in memory as possible so launching an app was a bit snappier.

Next-gen the Xbox Series of consoles will be taking a more Xbox-360-like approach to the OS thanks to the SSD increasing the baseline storage performance.

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