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SvennoJ said:

Didn't PS4 have quick resume? Or is that suspend? I never used it anyway. Load times should be faster at least and it might come later. I wonder how much disk space it will use, I guess it needs to dump the active memory to disk for quick resume.

I'm not aware of any tvs that support 1440p? Never seen one. Sony makes consoles for tvs, not monitors, they never have. But I guess it can be patched in later, though probably not.

Indeed very odd ps5 games can't be copied. Perhaps that's also not ready yet, just like you can't connect any internal SSD drive yet. VRR will come as well.

The launch for both seems too early, no new games on one side, features not ready on the other. Hopefully all that there is works well unlike FS2020 which is still in beta lol. (Playing right now, so many streaming issues lately)

Yea I never used suspend/resume on PS4 either, because the sleep mode consumes a lot of energy. My PC has a sleep mode with under 1W consumption that dumps the ram onto the HDD and resumes from there - I use that all the time as it's super convenient and I hope the new consoles have this aswell.

Tons of TVs have 1440p support these days, as it's part of the HDMI 1.3 feature set (and required since 1.4 afaik). I haven't seen a TV that has a native display res of 1440p, but the ones I've used scale it quite well for 4k. As I mentioned it'd be great for 120Hz modes that render above 1080p (admittedly that will probably be rare outside of pixel games), because many TVs already support 120Hz input up to 1440p and just a few do 4k120.