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HollyGamer said:
sales2099 said:

First paragraph is nonsense. It’s called “separation of Church and state”. Religious laws do not trump society laws in the West. In general there is a major sensitivity problem that needs to be addressed. I am offended by anti Christian rhetoric, but people can say whatever they please in a free country. That’s how a modern society should function. 

Separation can only happen it there is something wrong with the source of the  religion and the bible has been question of originality. In Islam we don't have that because separation is a sin for a ruler (if you a ruler of a country and Muslim but separate God and country ) but this sin only applied to a ruler or government who believe in Islam. 

I’d counter that these laws from Judaism, Christianity and Islam were written when life was harsh and its laws reflected that. We have evolved as a species and as such the laws have largely changed since 1500+ years ago. I’m just gonna say if people of your faith believe saying words equals death, or chopping off heads is even considered as a punishment, then maybe you need some type of reform. 

Our faith and belief doesn’t change. How we conduct ourselves as people should however adapt with the times. 

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