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Jaicee said:
DonFerrari said:

Will just disagree on the president. For the power he holds and the amount of mockery he receives I don't see he taking any absurd measures. While other groups try to make every comment against them a form of prejudice and hatred to make people go to jail or lose job because of what they said.

Oh I see. So you've never heard of the infamous "LOCK..HER..UP! LOCK..HER..UP!" chant that everyone else on Earth remembers as a defining feature of his first election campaign, you're saying? Likewise, you don't recall Mr. Trump recently calling on Congress to arrest and imprison his rival in this election, Joe Biden, as well as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and pretty much all other prominent Democrats in existence for good measure? You don't remember him sending in the army to quell protests even after the cities in question asked him not to? You don't remember him threatening to delay this year's presidential election because he might lose (er I mean 'corrupt mail-in ballots', sorry)? You don't recall his endorsement of the Proud Boys (a right wing street gang that requires its members to physically attack leftists) last month? Or his repeated attempts to impose new legal restrictions on the ability of the press ("the enemy of the people", in his words) to criticize him? Or his decision to do nothing in response to the cold-blooded murder of a Washington Post journalist because the Washington Post had been critical of him? Or his attempt to ban TikTok because some kids used it to prank him this summer? Or the tax hikes on "blue states" contained in the 2017 "tax cut" bill because those people voted against him? Or his systematic withholding of personal protective equipment from "blue states" because they voted against him (i.e. 'you didn't vote for me, so you can die from the virus')? All of that slipping your mind? That's just for starters! I could go on with this list forever if you want, but the point is that the man obviously can't handle dissent. We are only lucky that he hasn't gotten his way much of the time because if he did...*shudders*...I don't even want to think about what kind of country we'd be right now. We'd be like his favorite country, Russia.

Donald Trump is NOT a good poster boy for free speech, or for freedom of anything in general. I really only threw in a passing mention of him because the reality is that without the Islamic State, he wouldn't be president. The kind of actions and attitudes we're talking about on this thread are much of the reason he was able to become a viable candidate. People across the Western world legitimately feared for their lives after seeing what happened to France and Sweden in 2015. That was very real. I felt it. I was scared too. That's what terrorism is. It's the whole point. Without it, there's no way Donald Trump would be my president right now. This is how people like Trump and Modi and the rest go from being demagogues to becoming heads of state.

Actually no I don't, these haven't reached Brazil.

I do know several places requested for elections to be suspended because well we have lockdown to avoid large number of people in same place, but for election politicians will ignore it (In Brazil we had pandemic fearmongering for months but on the month of election everybody is supposed to pretend everything is under control to go and vote, and quite likely them hear about a second wave).

Will you say Biden, Obama et caterva doesn't support BLM that essentially do violent acts? The tiktok what I know was that USA forced they to be sold to an American company.

Trump certainly isn't a poster boy for free speech, nor is any politician as far as I'm concerned. But to pretend the regular citizen doesn't demand even more (looking at you cancel culture). Trump and some other right wing politicians are declared dictators by their oponents, but all we can really verify is they claiming something done but not really changing laws or doing anything really dictatorial. And sure terrorism makes people feel in terror (that is their purpose) and sure politicians that take a pledge to be hard on it will gain traction.

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