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the-pi-guy said:
SvennoJ said:

Didn't PS4 have quick resume? Or is that suspend? I never used it anyway. Load times should be faster at least and it might come later. I wonder how much disk space it will use, I guess it needs to dump the active memory to disk for quick resume.

I'm not aware of any tvs that support 1440p? Never seen one. Sony makes consoles for tvs, not monitors, they never have. But I guess it can be patched in later, though probably not.

Indeed very odd ps5 games can't be copied. Perhaps that's also not ready yet, just like you can't connect any internal SSD drive yet. VRR will come as well.

The launch for both seems too early, no new games on one side, features not ready on the other. Hopefully all that there is works well unlike FS2020 which is still in beta lol. (Playing right now, so many streaming issues lately)

PS4 had a suspend feature.  The last game you were playing would be playable from the exact last moment you are playing.  XSX does this for multiple games and you can even power down and resume (since the state is dumped into non-volatile memory). It likely takes 40 GB of SSD storage. 

Suspend was also not in PS4 day one.  

I didn't have PS4 day one, but the suspend feature was announced on the console reveal, but we didn't got a quick resume announced for PS5 right?

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