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Jaicee said:
HollyGamer said:

That's incorrect, Muslim are not defending the terrorist's , they are mad because Macron trying to agitated by burning another fire and fuel to the problem and telling Islam is in crisis.  And allow people to slender an important person in Islam. This problem should have just end if Macron did not slandering Islam and the prophet.

Even Napoleon Bonaparte respect the Prophet and Islam, you can find Napoleon quote in the Internet

Macron should have knew Islam is a big religion and his country doing a business with Muslim country. 

If this is so, why aren't there any demonstrations against, you know, the mere assassination?

You have to understand how ridiculous this situation looks over here. America, for example, is a 75% Christian country demographically wherein Jesus Christ is parodied on TV programs like South Park all the time and nobody dies as a result. Now there are many conservative Christians who are offended by such things and who in the past have been known to protest and even try to have programs like South Park censored or taken off the air altogether, but those people didn't represent the prevailing opinion of the nation and nobody died.

Likewise, people "slander" me every day on the internet. Do I behead them in response? Well I feel like it sometimes momentarily, but no, I choose not to act on that impulse because that would be retarded. But maybe there's too much commentary on religion itself implied here in this statement.

I guess what I'm trying to get at here is that I don't really understand this level of upset over the idea of being criticized. I understand finding the criticism of one's faith unpleasant, but generally in the Western world you'll find that people (who aren't the current president of the United States) get over being criticized because it's not actually the end of the world. It's not like people in Muslim-majority countries generally grant people the right to freedom of religious belief or respect other people's faiths at all -- I mean most of the world's remaining theocracies are Islamic ones if I'm not mistaken -- so there just seems to be a massive amount of hypocrisy going on in such people marching against the mere criticism of Islam to the neglect of the context in which said criticism took place, claiming that their freedom of religion has been violated by words; by other people's freedom of speech. No Muslim's right to belief and to worship has been hindered here. Someone has died though. In fact, many people have died at this point.

Will just disagree on the president. For the power he holds and the amount of mockery he receives I don't see he taking any absurd measures. While other groups try to make every comment against them a form of prejudice and hatred to make people go to jail or lose job because of what they said.

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