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Jaicee said:
HollyGamer said:

You said by your self, it's mere assassination's by a terrorist's, any terrorist's are not affiliate with any religion Religion. No religion allow to kill anyone without some reasoning and cause. 

Muslim already condemned the killing act, but the problem is Macron make it bigger by blaming Muslim , blaming the religion, and allowing another slandering act and protected as free speech but at the same time hurting  Muslim around the world. 

The problem should have ended if Macron did not blame Islam and Muslim. 

So like for example when an organization calls itself the Islamic State, that's a non-religious organization, you're saying?

I think it's worth being serious about getting to the roots of why terrorists commit acts of terror. Whether it's considered politically correct or not to say as much (the French people being known for their brutal frankness), religion definitely was the motive here. That's just a fact.

Also, I was obviously being sarcastic when I said "the mere assassination" before. The taking of someone's life is obviously the more genuine and serious issue here. it's obviously a big deal.

This is about intolerance. Macron was criticizing intolerant elements within Islam in response to a beheading. That's not irrational or unjustified. As an atheist lesbian myself, I can't help agreeing with the view that says most Muslims around the world are quite a bit more bigoted against me than I am against them. They would generally take away my right to be an atheist, my right to love other women, and hell maybe even my right to leave my house without the accompany of a male guardian because, being merely a woman, I'm not even thought of as an adult let alone their equal. Despite these realities, the unconditional respect of your faith by everyone on the globe is demanded. No. That's not how it works. If you want the respect of others, you have to treat them with the same level of respect you demand from them.

You can believe whatever you want, I don't care. But what you can't do is demand that I practice your faith or that I respect hypocrites.

Yes, the evidence is Islam never teach people or Muslim to kill people without reasoning, without judge permission, authority and without cause . There are some  misguided Muslim out there that made a mistake , i can agree but Islam it self never teach that. The same thing with every other religion like White supremacist , Hindus terroirs, Nazi or even Jew (Israel ) Zionist.

No in Islam we cannot killed people without any reasoning , without the permission of local authority ,Muslim cannot kill people or sentence people to death without permission of judge or other reasoning.

So The terrorist's is just a misguided people who misunderstood about Islam