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Pemalite said:
HollyGamer said:

If in VGchart a  moderator  can ban people if agitating other member does that also applied on free speech, can I slender you or agitating you, or attacking you , does free speech only applied on certain people or group??? 

 religion or faith is matter of life and death for people, I think western society need to learn from Islam, many western people has been revert to Islam

That is not how free speech works.

Free speech does not and has not ever entitled you to say whatever you desire without restriction, in-fact free-speech is full of restrictions.

Yet what happen in France is they mocking the prophet, slandering, and ridiculed the prophet based on false accusation 

If you are getting upset over my commentary, then I apologize, but I still stand by my comments... No it is absolutely not slander, as I am not targeting my commentary at you as an individual... I don't necessarily like or dislike you as a person, I haven't met you, but I take issue with religion.

Not at all , I am not offended by anyone in here on this thread  , my comment is about why Macron defending free speech but at the same time what he did is not protecting free speech at all. 

Religion and faith should not be a matter of life and death, life should always come first, period.

That's your opinion,  I respect that, but for me and Muslim . Religion is part of life and death. And Muslim believe there is life after death.

I think we could all learn from Atheism, science and sound logical reasoning rather than religious indoctrination that uses the power of fear and condemnation to ensure compliance.

Again this your opinion, we are not here to discuss a religion,  but moral according to their own rule. We can discuss on another thread discussing about which one is correct.

HollyGamer said:

You it self is the prove. Life cannot exist with just some probability. Even our smallest part (DNA) work like an intelligent being on it's own

Probability? Never claimed any such thing.

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid acting like an intelligent being? No. Our DNA is not sentient. This topic is probably to far out of your depth if this statement is an appropriate gauge.

Again, this will lead to a bigger discussion, so i will end the discussion here. 

HollyGamer said:

a tool exist to keep people behave, and God know this so he teach us . 

Any highly developed, Atheistic nation has proven that religion isn't required to ensure appropriate behavior.

Again this is debatable, we are not here to discuss which one is correct way and methode 

If anything, religion has taught us the opposite... That religion helps breed extremism in various forms... Hence Islamist terrorists, Christian terrorists... Anti-women, attacks on LGBT rights and so much more.
Religious history is marred by war and abuse... How many priests have abused children? To many to count.

Again this debatable but for sure, but don't forget many has been killed in the name of atheism like Marxism, and etc. 

HollyGamer said:

Law of the ruler, but he can be Muslim and follow other country  ruler.

I don't dispute that... This is where I tend to be extremely conservative... And that if anyone intends to migrate to my country and ignore the law of the land and instead follow their religious indoctrination, then stay out. You aren't welcome.

Muslim has been living on non Muslim place since the day of the prophet, they spreading in China, Europe, Asia and etc. Under non Muslim ruled country  . Islam teach to respect the local rule . 

HollyGamer said:

Some part of the Torah text has been proven altered, the Original Torah was  made by God , but the original Torah are not maintained by the Jew and many Jew has hide some of the text and insert by their own writing to benefit their lust (the same thing with how the church did by altering the bible text ) . The same thing with the bible , Muslim believe in bible but not "Today" bible that even many high priest agree the original text has been lost. Qur'an it self are consisted of the correct version of bible and Torah , God has  preserve the original Torah and bible inside Qur'an.

All religious text has been altered.

There is no evidence a God has existed and made the Torah. Prove me otherwise. Try it.

Again this will create another debate out of this topic. I will end here

The Quran is just another interpretation, what people "believe" is ultimately irrellevent, there is no evidence that supports any particular religion as being the "true" or "correct" or "unaltered" religion.

But what is absolutely true is that the Jewish Torah is the first of the three religions, it's the oldest.

Again this will create another debate out of this topic. I will end here

HollyGamer said:

We believe in Qur'an because our Qur'an never been altered , the Qur'an was originally came with Arabic language from God to Muhammad by revelation, and then the prophet asked their companion to write it down to stone, animal skin and date tree and oak (the original stone, and animal skin still exist today and has been proven exist form the day of the prophet ). And then told all companion to memorize it, and in the end of Ramadhan they try to memorize it and preserve it

The thing with language is that it actually changes over time.
A word can have one meaning in one century... And a completely different meaning in another.

Qur'an never  changed, in fact Arabic grammatical word came from Qur'an. Before Qur'an exist the Arab did not have grammar

At one point the word "Gay" was oft-used to term someone who felt happy... But fast forward 100~ years and it is referenced to someone who is homosexual.

Thus texts, whether it be religious or otherwise does and should change to adapt, but my point isn't about that... My point is that you have so many denominations (Even in the Muslim world I.E. Sunni, Shia etc') where they take on a different "interpretation" of the religious texts and interpret it in their own way to fit a certain narrative and that is fallacious.

Again the shia is not Muslim because they don't believe in Qur'an  but that's for another topic. They are minority who reject Islam as teaching but pretend to be Islam, but in reality they rejecting to believe of the Qur'an and prophet words, they even killing many Muslim 

So whilst you can try to claim that the Qur'an has never been altered, it's interpretations most certainly have.

Either way... I will provide some blatantly obvious evidence that the Quran has certainly been altered.

Evidence is there, read it and weep.

that's not evidence at all, that just opinion  by shia. The Qur'an are still the same , the same words the same language, the same meaning unlike Bible that has been lost it's original language . The Qur'an has been translate to many language but the original Qur'an it self still preserve on original form "Arabic" . While it's true there is many dialect but the dialect never altered it's meaning and it still the same, even you can find the Qur'an that written in the stone from the prophet era. 

HollyGamer said:

Life valuable indeed, and Muslim's  believe that, and Islam even Allah said " whoever kill a person ... it shall be as if he has killing all mankind. And I am agree, but of course there is some exception, like A criminal, a dangerous person, or person who live in Islam territory and mocking the prophet.

I feel life is less valuable in religions that call for torture, beheading, incarcerations, and response to criticisms... Did you not read the Op where there were terrorist attacks?

Did Muslim kill every person on the street, or it just one person misguided?  The fact that Muslim are killed by the Rohingya, execute on India,  prove the other way Around, Muslim always been attacked , they should be the one attacking if your idea is true then Muslim the one who always rage a war.  

So whilst you might be able to pull a verse from the Quran bible that paints it in a "good" light, there are dozens of others which are downright disgusting and even plain evil.
Same goes for the Bible, there are a few lovey-dovey verses, but when there is a single verse that says a child should be stoned to death for breaking a law, then that religion is incompatible with a modern, secular, civilized world. And is not a religion and thus God worth our time.

I am never said Islam always peace and love, there is some exception boundary and reason, that's why Islam can coexist with modern society. We can defend our self if it means killing people like any modern society  

HollyGamer said:

Even in secular country like French  they still have death punishment ,  and Police are allow to kill someone. 

No they don't. Don't lie.

Ok so they can kill people in the war . :) 

HollyGamer said:

Agree, people can hate Islam and not agree with Islam, but disrespecting other  people "faith" like ideology, religion, country, law, an important person,  Is just like attacking people. 

and also Macron did this due to his Political campaign and xenophobia's and create Islamic phobias is just even worse.  

I am ridiculing your religion, not attacking you as an individual. There is a very big difference there.

Perhaps Islam needs to evolve like Christianity and Judaism to work around the phobias, honestly they bring it on themselves, just look at the middle-east.

My religion is not wrong, you can blame me but not my religion. The person who killed are not following the correct Islamic teaching .  The religion is perfect,  it  even help a barbaric un educated group of people living on the dessert far form civilization to be civilize, helping Europe gaining renaissance era.  When the Muslim spread on Europe . They help build the country unlike Mongol .