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Barozi said:
HollyGamer said:

And also in my opinion, Christian should respect Jesus more if they still believe in their religion. It's sad many Cristian is not Christian anymore. If they love Jesus they should at least angry with many seculars person make fun of Jesus. Me as Muslim sad to see Jesus treated that way.

Thing is, if Jesus was really like the bible portrayed him to be, he wouldn't give a fuck about what other people say about him.

That's why modern Christians aren't going to be as angry about it when someone mocks him. If Jesus wouldn't care, why would I?

Not sure if I can say the same about Muhammad.

That's because the bible that you read is still debatable if it's still the original bible or not according to some expert. Muslim believe that Jesus did not crucified and God did not let him die and scarified , we Muslim respect Jesus , Moses, Abraham, Noah and every apostle and Prophet . Because Muslim believe that Jesus brought the same messages to worship One God alone. And Jesus is son of Maryam is a prophet like Muhammad and Moses.