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Vodacixi said:
DonFerrari said:

I don't remember it to be fair. Switch I thought was weak because I just remember BotW (which was a last gen delayed game made crossgen) but then with Mario releasing short after it had enough great content for a release.

Oh,  the Switch was abysmal in terms of quantity when it launched. Even I can't deny that with a straight face xD

Nah, I said it because I do remember the Wii U launch lineup... And it looks incredibly similar to what we are getting here with PS5. But people in 2012 were really disappointed with the Wii U launch games... But here we see an overwhelming positive reaction to PS5's launch games. It's... curious, to say the least... 

What little I recall it was Zombi U. Ninja Gaiden 3,Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkum City, Nintendo Land,Tank Tank Tank, Funky Barn and maybe some more. Not exactly a good lineup.

I won't lie I actually loved NG3 RE but still moslty 360 ports and some shovelware. It's pretty pathetic.

Nothing has ever matched let alone topped the Dreamcast launch.

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