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Vodacixi said:
DonFerrari said:

I don't remember it to be fair. Switch I thought was weak because I just remember BotW (which was a last gen delayed game made crossgen) but then with Mario releasing short after it had enough great content for a release.

Oh,  the Switch was abysmal in terms of quantity when it launched. Even I can't deny that with a straight face xD

Nah, I said it because I do remember the Wii U launch lineup... And it looks incredibly similar to what we are getting here with PS5. But people in 2012 were really disappointed with the Wii U launch games... But here we see an overwhelming positive reaction to PS5's launch games. It's... curious, to say the least... 

If you can say the games that launched with WiiU I can try and say what I think of it. But my memory of WiiU the complains weren't about the launch, but that it got big draughts after (and Nintendo said it was due to they not being used to HD development), to the point a lot of Nintendo big fans skipping the console (although my friend loves his and is his favorite console all time).

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