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hinch said:
Leynos said:
Still the most anemic launch lineups. I await when we have PS1 themed plates and 3rd party SEGA ones. I will also buy a PS1 themed controller like I did PS4 when they do it. That white is so hideous.

Astro's Playroom - getting great reviews and its packed in the console
Spiderman Miles Morales - Shorter game but getting great reviews
Demons Souls doesn't need any introductions. Will be great
Sackboy looks like a decent platformer. Will find out better when reviews are out

There are other third party games as well if you're into them like AC and WD.

Have you seen Series X/S launch lineup? Jokes aside. Its no Switch, but then there was a massive drought of games after launch. The games are coming. This is mostly about Youtubers reviewing the hardware itself.

You bolded it but didn't read it. I used the word Lineups as in plural as in both consoles...FFS. None of what you listed is interesting to me and Astro's playroom is a built-in digital game. Don't care unless you count the ones that came with 3DS and Master System. Don't care.

So a built-in game used as a tech demo. No thanks.

A game I can get on PS4 anyway and cheaper. So not worth $570.

A remake of a series I don't like.

If I generally don't play platformers on even Nintendo systems, not going to star on PS5.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!