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hinch said:
Leynos said:
Still the most anemic launch lineups. I await when we have PS1 themed plates and 3rd party SEGA ones. I will also buy a PS1 themed controller like I did PS4 when they do it. That white is so hideous.

Astro's Playroom - getting great reviews and its packed in the console
Spiderman Miles Morales - Shorter game but getting great reviews
Demons Souls doesn't need any introductions. Will be great
Sackboy looks like a decent platformer. Will find out better when reviews are out

There are other third party games as well if you're into them like AC and WD.

Have you seen Series X/S launch lineup? Jokes aside. Its no Switch, but then there was a massive drought of games after launch. The games are coming. This is mostly about Youtubers reviewing the hardware itself.

Switch had one game, BotW, and that was because Nintendo delayed it. Sony could have done it with TLOU2 and GoT, but I'm much happier they didn't.

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