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shikamaru317 said:
DonFerrari said:

Although I would prefer Sony doing it or they keeping independent, yes this would be a vulnerable moment for them and MS could strike.

Another option for MS, rather than buying Sega Sammy stock, would be for MS to make a deal to split Sega from Sammy, giving Microsoft control of Sega and Sammy enough money to ride out the covid pandemic's negative effects on their pachinko business. Would be cheaper than buying Sega Sammy outright. 

In fact, even a Sega acquisition deal might not be necessary, MS could simply make a deal to get Xbox ports on all future Sega/Atlus for say 10 years, with day one Gamepass release on all of them, and in exchange Sega Sammy would get enough money to ride out the pandemic.

Sure both moves could be done, but I don't think japanese people would accept MS buying Sega or Sammy. A 10 year deal for first release or GP would be easier to happen.

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