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We all know the PS5 is a larger console.
Now it shows that paid off, it runs cooler, and is less noisy than the Xbox Series X.

Power Consumption:
Power Off (but hooked up) = 1.3W
Rest Mode (Network not in use) = 1.5W
Front End (Idle running) = 47W
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Peak load recorded) = 203W
Rise of the Tomb Raider (Peak, 30fps cap) = 107W
Knack (Peak, unlocked fps, PS5 locks to 60fps) = 135W

Its pretty power effecient.
Compaired to the PS4pro it, its actually useing alot less power often.

"In the here and now, what I find remarkable is how two next generation consoles built from what are effectively the same AMD technologies (though Microsoft claims extra RDNA 2 features) can deliver such a drastically different first impression.

Xbox Series X presents the notion of latent power yet to be unleashed, and is almost conservative in its presentation - both in terms of its cuboid form factor and its UI, which is to all intents and purposes a smoother, slicker, faster version of the Xbox One interface. PlayStation 5 is an altogether different experience - a Buck Rogers physical design with system software that's fast, immediate, beautifully presented, and almost excessively eager to herald the arrival of a new generation of gaming, to the point where you're even given a pack-in game. Yes, Astro's Playroom fully deserves its Eurogamer Essential award, and strategically, it's a Wii Sports-style play from Sony that showcases a brilliant new controller - and it works." - Eurogamer