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Kyuu said:

So as expected, Sony undersold their BC system and MS capitalized on their confusing messaging. "No doWnClockING! No boosT moDe!!!"

In short, XSX BC effective advantages:

1. Higher resolutions for mid-gen patched games.

2. Generally faster loadtimes (which is fairly surprising).

3. Partial BC with OG Xbox and X360.

4. Potentially Auto-HDR and other enhancements.

5. Potentially less bugs and errors?

PS5 BC effective advantages:

1. Larger library of games.

2. Higher resolutions for unpatched games.

3. Generally higher and more stable framerates.

BC hasn't looked so good since the overpriced early PS3!

4 and 5.

DF nor any other have talked about any possible automatic gains for PS5 like higher res/fps (and from what we saw it majorly depends on what the devs left on original), but I saw they talking about every game on PS5 being with HDR enabled but for most game that just meaning more brightness (but for Lineman that made all games look better so he didn't turn off), possibly Series have a better auto-HDR. And for 5 we don't reallly know since we didn't see MS talking on it nor reviewers, but also possibly more smooth on Xbox.

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