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DonFerrari said:
chakkra said:

Really? weird that DF didn't mention them. They are usually very meticulous about this stuff. Are you sure you're not talking about games enhanced by their developers?

Yes I'm talking by the ones enhanced by devs, what were you talking about them? Because from what we know PS5 don't run only 10 games of PS4 (with 2 already on the work by devs to make it work and perhaps even with enhancement), and since PS4 and more games than X1 the library of BC on PS5 is bigger (sure they don't have PS1-3 formelly announced or supported, only the games that were ported/remastered to PS4 would work so far).

I see. We were talking about a totally different thing.

chakkra said:

finalrpgfantasy said:

Does the Xbox Series X works the same or, besides the auto-hdr mode, they have something extra?

It works the same for the most part. The only difference is that MS has obviously had more time working on their BC catalog and as a result, there are already MANY enhanced games from the three generations prior.