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crissindahouse said:
DonFerrari said:

Considering we have games like Spider Man, TLOU and others that load under 10s, that comparison doesn't make much sense. None of those titles are really optimized or anything for a good load time, they barely improve against their gen8 version be it on Xbox or PS.

And why doesn't make it sense? It's a test of load times for BC games. What's so wrong about it? 

Nothing wrong with it. But trying to draw conclusion from this doesn't make sense. If you put a SSD on X1 or PS4 it would probably get similar results to what is being seem on PS5 and Series X, and those are much worse than what is possible. You are changing a 5400RPM drive to a drive that is 50x faster (Series) or 100x faster (PS5) and in some cases you are seeing reduction from 1m30s to 1m10s. That basically doesn't really help any analysis.

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