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Salnax said:

The Top 20 games are now all included.

I know some of you were hoping to see more purely Western games represented, so perhaps you'll be happy to see Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield, Crash Bandicoot, and Just Dance now being listed.

For those of you who feel that Donkey Kong Country isn't a Western game, I have a question. Is The Last of Us Western? It may have been originally conceived by Westerners, but it is owned by a Japanese publisher. Does it still count?

I'm going to find the rest of the Japanese box art and add the last few games with over half a million sales later. Until then!

Yes for me TLOU count as western not only because ND is western but because the type and style of game is very much in line with western developed titles instead of ones developed in Japan, while for me DKC is very much on similar vein of Mario at the time they were made (sure they gone for realism, but the type and philosophy of the game for me if not knowing it was made by Rare I would guess Nintendo).

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