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I loved arcade games and when I saw Super Mario Bros. on a department store tv I was thrilled. I really tested a lot NES games from rental. When I saw Super Mario World on a department store tv I was blown away to a height I had yet to reach. I followed Super Mario 64 in magazines for years and finally played it in a toys r us. Everything I hoped it would be! Super Mario Sunshine was the last Mario title that I loved unconditionally — and it didn’t deserve the amount I gave it, in many ways. Nintendo doesn’t deliver the “WOW” that it did in the 80s and 90s.

I loved a lot of Nintendo games but it was Super Mario who hooked me every single time as a kid.

I think the thing about Super Mario that I liked was playing until I lost a life and then watching a friend play until he lost a life. You were rooting for him and glad when he dies, all at once. Beyond that I liked the simple super power and race to complete a level. Do you stop for coins/lives or do you hurry up? The design was fun as well. Colors and shapes were easily recognized and quite interesting. The feelings of each level were intensified in Super Mario World. I could feel the sounds and colors 😳 the games played with my feelings in a happy way. 

Last edited by snyps - on 04 November 2020