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SvennoJ said:
DonFerrari said:

You are someone that really want to prevent yourself from disappointment =p

Considering their track record I might still be too optimistic :p

Lafiel said:

True, the PS5 should be able to run all modes of GTS with a higher than native res in 60 or more fps on PSVR1, but it seems that's not Sony's VR strategy. Judging by their PSVR 1 support (only through BC, not through PS5 native mode) I think they want a clean break for PSVR2 and not "confuse people", by having PS5 titles run on PSVR 1. Sucks quite a bit for us gen 1 owners, but maybe it's partly due to the outdated tech not playing nicely with what they have planed for gen 2  - who knows.

Move needs to go. The camera tracking worked decent enough for gen 1 PSVR but PSVR2 needs a fundamentally different tracking system. Likely even inside out, hence no dedicated camera port in the PS5.

PS5 PSVR games will need the new controllers to work yet I see no reason why it couldn't work with the old headset. It's just down sampling in the end, but perhaps the new games will need the better tracking of PSVR2 to operate.

Booohoooo don't Jinx it.

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