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KBG29 said:
It would be great to have a Gran Turismo in the 1st year.

My big concern with the title, however, is not release date, but whether or not it will support PSVR. That is going to be make or break for me. There is no way I am going back to playing a sim on a Flat panel again.

Hopefully, they will not back track on the progress made with GT Sport. With PSVR support across the full contents of the game, I will be there day one, and I will pump as much money into content as I can. To be completely honest, the thought of Gran Turismo in VR is by far, the largest reason I am excited for PS5.

If it is PS5 exclusive it won't be playable at all on PSVR1, and PSVR2 haven't been revealed yet. If it is also a PS4 title you will only be able to use PSVR1 on the BC version not the PS5 version. But yes perhaps PSVR2 is announced shortly after PS5 releases or later patch is done.

Lafiel said:

^ if GT7 is a PS5 only title (which is like 95% certain imo) it will not support PSVR 1, but I'm sure it'll get PSVR 2 support once that releases

Even if it is a PS4 title also you will only be able to use PSVR1 on BC not the PS5 version (but sure if it is made to work on PSVR1, then it will be a quick patch for PSVR2).

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