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SvennoJ said:
Thepoint goes way over you heads again. (Some) developers are starting to adjust the games they are making to fit better in a subscription model, doesn't have to be episodic. Game pass is having an effect on game development. Imo a negative effect. That's all.

The only example he gives of this is episodic content, which existed long before GamePass. There’s also no evidence that developers are “adjusting the games” for GamePass. He says he gets pitches from developers about games that work in a sub model (episodic games), he doesn’t say he gets pitches from devs about how they pivoted their game design to fit GamePass.

Personally I’m with with console users getting more access to episodic content that otherwise would be only available on PC. There’s tons of it there, it doesn’t make it to console because there’s no real way to sell it. With GamePass, there is. Either way, we’ve seen maybe one new game release in this manner? Tell Me Why? And there’s nothing really in the pipeline that backs these fears of yours up. 

I share your disgust at episodic games becoming the norm in the industry, or developers changing the core design of their game to fit a subscription. Luckily neither seem to be happening.

And the way he goes into detail about how hard it is to sell these types of games makes it seem as though you have nothing to worry about.